•  Democracy Dies
Wall Breaker

Democracy Dies

LP (Import)

  • $14.60

Wall Breaker returns with a 12" release on Refuse Records. "Democracy Dies" picks up where 2017's demo left off - fast, no bullshit hardcore punk with some mosh crunch thrown in for good measure. Here's 12 pissed-off tracks recalling east coast bands from Agnostic Front to SSD to Life's Blood, as well as a healthy nod to the speed and urgency of early-'00s thrashcore. Imported from Germany.
Track Listing :
  1. K.M. Stomp
  2. Amerikkka
  3. Double Standard
  4. Zero Sum Clusterfuck
  5. Shock/Aftershock
  6. False Prophet
  7. The Bottle Breaks
  8. I Can't Keep Up
  9. Lucky Assholes
  10. Power For The War Machine
  11. Weather Underground
  12. Hell Mental

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