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Indian Summer

Cherry Smash


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Late-'80s Northern Virginia/DC-area punk quartet Indian Summer recorded four songs with J. Robbins producing in Baltimore in 1989. Formed by four Virginia teens, Indian Summer was a staple of the Northern Virginia all-ages scene in 1988 and 1989, playing Merrifield Community Hall, Arlington Women's Hall, and many a punk house party, a Positive Force show at DC Space, and some of the first all-ages matinees at the Safari Club. Taking its inspiration from local heroes like Government Issue, Scream, and Ignition, Indian Summer put its own stamp on DC-area punk with passionate delivery and complex arrangements all its own. Limited edition of 294 copies.
Track Listing :
  1. Why?
  2. Creeper
  3. On The Edge
  4. Cherry Smash
  5. Long Awaited

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