•  Trouble With A Capital T

Trouble With A Capital T

LP (Color Vinyl)

  • $14.60

In the 1980s, punk rock wasn't just infecting big cities. Even a little sleepy college town in North Florida caught the bug. This collection delivers a treasure trove of vintage Tallahassee punk and underground music, much of it previously unreleased. It documents how during the Reagan years, something unexpected happened in a small southern town better known for state workers and college football than a counter-culture music scene. Limited edition of 500 copies.
Track Listing :
  1. Sector 4 - George Washington
  2. Sector 4 - Destroy
  3. Slut Boys - No Tomorrow
  4. Slut Boys - Mr. Stupid
  5. The Shakes - Piece Of The Action
  6. Gruel - Media Control
  7. Paisley Death Camp - Disturb The Peace
  8. Human Scarecrow - The Pope Went Surfing
  9. Gothic Playground - Unit 9
  10. Persian Gulf - Beer Town
  11. Hated Youth - Hardcore Rules
  12. Hated Youth - Ban The Bible
  13. Hated Youth - Five Sides
  14. Squid Row - You're Not Faithful
  15. The Know-It-Alls - Immoral Majority
  16. Faith In Medical Technology - Missing Insulin
  17. XBand - Miss Digit And Sister Lizard
  18. Undesided - Suicide
  19. Insect Fear - Celluloid Strip (dance dub)

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