•  Bombs Overhead
Tap And Die

Bombs Overhead

LP (Color Vinyl)

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A band built out of the legacy of their varied past bands (Oscar Paz - Statement, Impel, Sunshine, Kill Holiday, Status Audio, Adult Crash/Steven Andrew Miller - Julia, Gehenna, The Locust, Unbroken, Kill Holiday, Mean Season, Landslide, Statue/Matt Anderson - Heroin, End Of The Line, Spacehorse, founder of Gravity Records/Sam Stothers - Narrows, SS Warhead, Godcollider, Rod Of Correction) and loved influences. All out there together to make up their first effort as Tap And Die, "Bombs Overhead." This is a culmination of sounds, textures, rhythms, anger, architects; the four working through each other to bring out a conscious sound.
Track Listing :
  1. Rolex Cyanide
  2. New Walls
  3. Sanctities Of Two
  4. From
  5. Pulverize
  6. Talk To Us
  7. Stroke Of Words
  8. Bombs Overhead
  9. The Difference Is

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