•  Skull With Antlers
Secret Fun Club

Skull With Antlers

LP (Color Vinyl)

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San Diego, CA's Secret Fun Club began in earnest in 2000 as a collaboration among Sal Gallegos (Some Girls), Nathan Joyner (Some Girls, All Leather), and John Rieder. "Skull With Antlers" is 45 minutes of doomy, frenetic noise with occasional forays into quiet minimalism and copy-and-paste sound sculpture. W.T. Nelson (Geronimo, Bastard Noise) shows up on a couple of tracks with his brood of Trogotronic outboard gear to contribute painful frequencies across the range of human hearing.
Track Listing :
  1. Ozomotleycruedos
  2. Jack White Power
  3. Steppenwolfmotherlovebonethugsnharmony
  4. James Brown Pride
  5. Iced Earth Crisis
  6. Jack Black Panther
  7. Kathleen Turner Overdrive
  8. Tito Puente: The Soundtrack For Child Rape
  9. The Ultimate Example Of Alanis Morrisette Irony...Ever
  10. Karen O Suicide Hotline
  11. The Ghost Of John Bonham's Mustache

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