•  Salad Days

Salad Days


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Featuring music from the critically-acclaimed documentary as well as several out-of-print favorites from Marginal Man, Government Issue, Black Market Baby, Jawbox, United Mutation, Holy Rollers, Swiz, Fire Party, Kingface, Mission Impossible, Double-O, Shudder To Think, Youth Brigade (DC), Gray Matter, Iron Cross, Void, Soul Side, and an epilogue by HR.
Track Listing :
  1. Jawbox - Motorist
  2. Shudder To Think - Chocolate
  3. Double-O - Death Of A Friend
  4. Holy Rollers - What You Said
  5. Mission Impossible - Now I'm Alone
  6. Youth Brigade (DC) - It's About Time That We Had A Change
  7. Kingface - Tired
  8. Gray Matter - Swann Street
  9. Swiz - Godspeed
  10. Government Issue - Where You Live
  11. Marginal Man - Under A Shadow
  12. United Mutation - Sensations Fix
  13. Black Market Baby - Downward Christian Soldiers
  14. Fire Party - Drowning Intentions
  15. Soul Side - Name In Mind
  16. Iron Cross - You're A Rebel
  17. Void - Who Are You
  18. HR - Epilogue

    Tags: Jawbox, Shudder To Think, Double-O, Holy Rollers, Mission Impossible, Youth Brigade (DC), Kingface, Gray Matter, Swiz, Government Issue, Marginal Man, United Mutation, Black Market Baby, Fire Party, Soul Side, Iron Cross, Void, HR, Salad Days, LP, Music, hardcore, punk