•  Death Becomes My Voice

Death Becomes My Voice


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Thirty years into their storied career, Cleveland, OH's metallic hardcore legends Ringworm return to take the world by force with their eighth studio offering, "Death Becomes My Voice." On their new album, Ringworm ascends to new levels of hostility with 35+ minutes and 11 tracks of no-holds-barred aggression. Tracks such as "Let it Burn," "Acquiesce," and the band's explosive title track unleash Ringworm's visceral urgency, spawning one of the band's most chaotic albums to date. Vinyl version includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Death Becomes My Voice
  2. Carnivores
  3. Acquiesce
  4. Do Not Resuscitate
  5. Dead To Me
  6. The God Of New Flesh
  7. I Want To Tear The World Apart
  8. Dying By Design
  9. Separate Realities
  10. Let It Burn
  11. Final Division

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