•  Full Upon Her Burning Lips

Full Upon Her Burning Lips

2xLP (Color Vinyl)

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With their latest album, "Full Upon Her Burning Lips," Earth has stripped away the layers and auxiliary instrumentation that embellished some of their previous records and have deconstructed their dynamic to the core duo of Dylan Carlson on guitar and bass, and Adrienne Davies on drums and percussion. The record was engineered, mixed, and mastered by longtime associate Mell Dettmer at Studio Soli. Knowing their process and their sound, Dettmer helped harness, shape, and document the songs in a manner that highlights the depth of Earth's sparse components, capturing a hidden dimension to the patterns and creating a kaleidoscope of auditory activity.
Track Listing :
  1. Datura's Crimson Veils
  2. Exaltation Of Larks
  3. Cats On The Briar
  4. The Colour Of Poison
  5. Descending Belladonna
  6. She Rides An Air Of Malevolence
  7. Maiden's Catafalque
  8. An Unnatural Carousel
  9. The Mandrake's Hymn
  10. A Wretched Country Of Dusk

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