•  Living Is Killing Me
Out Cold

Living Is Killing Me


  • $16.20

Sorry State is pleased to release Out Cold's "Living Is Killing Me," the band's final statement in their legacy of pure, unadulterated hardcore punk. You always know what to expect with an Out Cold record: amazing drumming with in-the-pocket, rhythmic intensity; urgent, catchy, and tasteful songwriting; dark, misanthropic lyrics; and huge, memorable vocal hooks. All good things must end, but "Living Is Killing Me" reminds us why Out Cold is one of the best bands ever to play hardcore punk. LP includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Breach
  2. The Dark Side Of Laughter
  3. You Love Nothing
  4. With Sympathy
  5. Dead Language
  6. Preemptive Stabbing
  7. Resentment
  8. Build It, Set It On Fire
  9. Hostage Crisis
  10. Idiot Trance
  11. The Biggest Cheat
  12. Synchronized Drowning
  13. Random Acts
  14. You're Toxic

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