•  Lost At Sea
The Pegs

Lost At Sea

LP (Color Vinyl)

  • $13.00

The heir apparent to the south Orange County, CA, punk scene makes its LP debut after 16 years. After a handful of highly prized, international 45s, the band has laid down 12 tracks on 12 inches of pink wax, with their classic, surf-and-destroy sound. With the demise of south OC heavyweights The Stitches and Smogtown, The Pegs are now the undisputed champs of the beach punk bonfire; this ripper proves why.
Track Listing :
  1. Kids Of The Nam
  2. Sixty Three Seconds
  3. Situation Solved
  4. Darkside Of The Spoon
  5. I Live In A Car
  6. Nobody Likes You
  7. Shave Your Beard
  8. Lost Downtown
  9. Missing Jets
  10. Killed By Mongo
  11. Drive Me (Anywhere)
  12. Socially Pink

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