•  A Blaze In The Northern Sky

A Blaze In The Northern Sky

LP (180 Gram Vinyl / Import)

  • $25.00

"A Blaze In The Northern Sky," Darkthrone's second album, was originally issued in 1992 and was without question the blueprint release for the black-metal scene. An album that defined the now ubiquitous phrase "true Norwegian black metal," it was hailed on release as an album of true scene-shifting greatness. This vinyl edition of the album is issued on 180-gram, heavyweight vinyl and features new liner notes written by Nocturno Culto especially for this release. Imported from the UK.
Track Listing :
  1. Kathaarian Life Code
  2. In The Shadow Of The Horns
  3. Paragon Belial
  4. Where Cold Winds Blow
  5. A Blaze In The Northern Sky
  6. The Pagan Winter

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