•  In The Spirit World Now

In The Spirit World Now

LP (Color Vinyl) / CD

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Ceremony makes their Relapse Records' debut with their highly ambitious, new album, "In The Spirit World Now." "In The Spirit World Now" is full of layered sonic fury and anxiety, each song building up to a point and then descending down through a militant, catchy hook. The album marks a milestone for this Northern California punk outfit who has stayed true to themselves as songwriters throughout massive sonic growth during their storied career. Now available again on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Turn Away The Bad Thing
  2. In The Spirit World Now
  3. Further I Was
  4. /
  5. Presaging The End
  6. Say Goodbye To Them
  7. We Can Be Free
  8. //
  9. Years Of Love
  10. Never Gonna Die Now
  11. I Want More
  12. From Another Age
  13. ///
  14. Calming Water

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